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Ascolta Argentine Tango Radio nell'app. (). Stazioni preferite. Sveglia. Sleep timer. Scarica su Play Store. Stazione radio; Playlist; Info; App. "Milonga Station" programma televisivo di Stefano Cuppi, Carlo Lucarelli, Gualtiero Peirce, Giampiero Rigosi, Simona Vinci. Regia di Andrea Bevilacqua. Carlo Lucarelli (Parma, 26 ottobre ) è uno scrittore, sceneggiatore e conduttore televisivo ideato la fiction L'ispettore Coliandro (diretta dai fratelli Manetti), e Milonga Station. Crea un libro · Scarica come PDF · Versione stampabile. TANGO ITALIANA BENVENUTI · Home · Lo Spirito di Tango Pasión Radio SCARICA GRATUITAMENTE LA TUA APP PER SMARTPHONE E TABLET.

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June 19, In the actual version 1. Exe" the representation of the dancing couple has been considerably improved. Please download the latest version and test it by yourself Per giocare tutto i video di ballo, lei deve iscriversi il programma.

Carlo Lucarelli

Anche la revisione dei video di ballo è stato finita - il progetto guarda moderno e sottolinea la dinamica dei balli. March 6, The rework of all free dance videos has been completed.

The content remains unchanged - the design is up to date. February 20, Today I added again 3 more dancing steps of Disco Fox. February 13, Today I have added 4 new dancing steps of Disco Fox. Also some of the dance videos are already revisited. In the course of the next weeks I will also rework all dance videos.

Giuliana Soscia & Pino Jodice Italian Tango Quartet: Latitango

You find the first example of the new design with the blues steps. Download the video and transfer it to your phone like a ring tone. Please tell me about your experiences with different phone types. November 7, With 'Fencing Line' a new dancing step of Rumba has been added.

Su Argentine Tango Radio

October 31, Three new Samba steps have been completed. October 17, Additional dancing steps have been added: The 5 new step combinations of Quickstep are embedded in a sequence of corresponding dancing figures. This enables computers with Linux operating system to have access to the videos too. My contribution a step combination from the Cha-Cha-Cha has won the bronze medal.

The IRTC is an open competition to which each can submit rendered pictures and animations. The participants of the current contest and the firm IRTC members judge the contributions by artistic, technical and thematic aspects. August 8, Six more step combinations of Rumba have been added.

August 1, Today the first advanced step combinations of Rumba have been added. Now the first videos with advanced step combinations of Cha-Cha-Cha are offered on a small fee.

June 20, Salsa is joie de vivre, eroticism, blaze, devotion and passion. Salsa is a definition of South American love of life irresistible spreading all over the world. June 13, What's Reggae for Jamaica and Calypso for Trinidad, that's Merengue for the Dominican Republic - the expression of national self-confidence.

Minsk tango fusion 2019 marathon

Marcos Gutierrez Moreno ha traducido todos los textos. With its fast and rhythmic beat it corresponds to our Foxtrot.

The second meanings refers to festivities with Tango- dancing, which are called Milonga too. May 23, Tango Vals is the Southamerican variant of European waltz. It is danced in three-four time rhythm, but it uses the same dancing steps as Tango Argentino. Otono Porteno - ; 3.

Milonga Del Angel - ; 4. Muerte Del Angel - ; 5. Ressurreccion Del Angel - ; 6. Libertango - ; 7. Adios Nonino - ; The Last Station Jodice -